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Clinical observation assessment

Posted by Dek Rizky On April - 26 - 2009

Clinical observation assessment

  • Goals :
  • Collect informational that is not available in any other way
  • Supplement other data as part of a multiple assessment approach

Benefits of observational assessment

  • Supplementing self – reports
  • Highlighting situational determinants of behavior : signs vs samples
  • Minimizing inference
  • Enhancing ecological validity

Observational method

  • Selection : people , classes of behavior, events, situations, time
  • Provocation : provoke or wait
  • Recording : observer memory, record sheet, audio or videotape, physiological monitoring system, timers, counters
  • Encording : most difficult : a system for encoding raw observations into usable form must be developed

Approach to observational assessment

  • Naturalistic vs controlled observation
  • Participants vs non participants : Complete observer, Observer as participant, participant as observer, complete participant Read the rest of this entry »