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Communicating assessment data

Posted by Dek Rizky On April - 26 - 2009

Communicating assessment data

  • Report clarity
  • Relevance to goals
  • Usefulness of reports
  • Clarity, meaningful, synthesis

Clinical Interview

  • A conservation with a purpose or goal
  • An interaction : at least 2 persons ( interviewer vs interviewer and face to face )
  • Interview vs Conservation : specific purpose, participant’s role, time and place

Interview structure :

  • The degree to wich the interviewer determines the content and course of the conversation
  • No directive – semi structured – structured
  • Goals of interview, Course of interview, theoretical orientation, and personal preferences
  • Trends toward structured interview

Stage in the interview

  • Stage 1 : Begining the interview, establishment the report
  • Stage 2 : The middle of the interview, informational gathering : nondirective techniques, directive techniques, combining interview tactics
  • Stage 3 : Closing the interview

Communication in the interview

  • Verbal vs nonverbal communication
  • Use language
  • Focus on the interviewee
  • Active listening
  • Responses to silence
  • Channel of communication
  • The clinician’s values and background

Report of interview

  • A comfortable atmosphere and a mutual understanding of the purpose of the interview
  • Positive report : Be more receptive to the message being sent, be characterized by feeling such as trust, relaxation, comfort, respect, warmth, safety
  • Negative report : less desire to share oneself and less readiness to believe what’s being said, be characterized by feelings such as hostility, defensiveness, unease, mistrust, disrespect, dangerous


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