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Definisi Assessment Psikologi

Posted by Dek Rizky On September - 11 - 2009

Assessment psychology is the field of behavioral sciende concerned with methods of identifying similiarities and differences among people in their personal characteristics and capacities. As such, psychological assessment comprises a variety of procedures that are employed in diverse ways to achieve numerous purposes.

Assessment in clinical psychology : the process of collecting information to be used as the basis for informed decision by the assessor or by those to whom results are communicated. ; A process of solving problems ( answering question ) ( Maloney, & Ward, 1976 )

Assessment psikologi : proses dimana seorang klinisi mendapatkan data atau pemahaman tentang kliennya untuk digunakan dalam membuat keputusan sehubungan dengan masalah yang harus diselesaikan ( Korchin, 1979 )

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